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Top Free Movie Download Sites Online

10 Best Movie Download Sites Online

The Pirate Bay Download


  • Alexa Rank: 93
  • Compete Rank: 231
  • Quantcast Rank: 538

Pirate Bay has had some struggles in the past. They started out as one of the very first well-known torrent file sharing resources on the Worldwide Web. But It wasn’t too long ago that many online commentators claimed The Bay was dead, but, they didn’t stay down for to long and found their way back from obsolete status.

Now, The Pirates Bay holds its spot at the top of our list of the most popular torrent sites online. The Bay is operating with an original, and branded dot org web domain… I expect them to hold a high rank for the foreseeable future.

Download Movies at Zooqle


  • Alexa Rank:4,403
  • Compete Rank: NA
  • Quantcast Rank: 440,245

I agree since one of the perks’s to using Zooqle is the fact that they check and verify torrents before adding them to their servers. They have told me they also scrape various other torrent sites to find the best files, which translates into the most all-encompassing assortment of choices.


  • Alexa Rank: 1,809
  • Compete Rank: 14,387
  • Quantcast Rank: *3,500*

Individuals searching for torrents online have found that is a very useful and popular site. Although does not have an attractive layout, it displays and indexes different torrent files like those for movies and TV shows. They established the website in 2008 and only became popular. was closed down in its first year because of legal issues, and it took a full week of resuscitation to bring it back to normalcy.


  • Alexa Rank: 314
  • Compete Rank: 2,575
  • Quantcast Rank: 400

Extratorrent is one of the world’s largest torrent’s sites. Extra Torrent switched to a .cc domain after an intervention by the City of London. Google also stopped listing Extratorrent’s homepage in its search results, but the popular site isn’t too tricky to get to. Just don’t forget to type in “” in your URL bar or bookmark it.

This is one the biggest torrent’s sites in the world. The city of London’s intervention made it possible for Extratorrent to change to a .cc domain. It is easy to access this famous site although its homepage is no longer listed on Google’s search results. You just need to bookmark the website or search using the URL bar by typing in its URL.


  • Alexa Rank:282
  • Compete Rank: 3,670
  • Quantcast Rank: 1,900

The site aims to replace the original YITF or YTS group, but the two are not related.  They do not allow the YTS or YIFY brands on some of the most established torrent sites like the EZTV.


  • Alexa Rank: 1,046
  • Compete Rank: 11,724
  • Quantcast Rank: NA

A hostile takeover led to the closure of EZTV group that was known for TV-torrent distribution. The site releases its own torrents under the new ownership. but, the new releases have been banned by established torrent sites in collaboration with its original owners.


  • Alexa Rank: 1,923
  • Compete Rank: 6,745
  • Quantcast Rank: 7,400

Limetorrents has also managed another year in the best’s list torrent websites. It has observed a rank boost of around 2000 even when copyright watchdogs around the world are running after such websites indexing torrents related to movies, music, TV shows, games, and adult content. Updated regularly, Limetorrents has sections for auto-generated lists of top torrents and latest torrents.


  • Alexa Rank: 314
  • Compete Rank: 2,575
  • Quantcast Rank: 1,900

This is one of the busiest and most visual torrent sites. Also, has great file information and thumbnails. Apart from being browsing friendly, the site is suitable for finding information about new artists and movies.


  • Alexa Rank: 2,089
  • Compete Rank: 5,565
  • Quantcast Rank: 2,089

The site was formed by Gray Fung in 2003 and is like TPB regarding age. It was quite evident that embraced pirated content. The website was sharing close to 14 petabyte of content by 2012. was shut down in 2013 due to piracy issues. However, the original site has since then been replaced by the domain. The internet was full mirrors less than one month after its closure.


  • Alexa Rank:503
  • Compete Rank: NA
  • Quantcast Rank: 4,359

This website was the most popular secondary player in the mid-‘000s. I consider Torrentz to be a meta-search engine for finding other torrent sites. It directs you to your preferred content by searching for large groups of torrent sites. Unfortunately, the site exited the scene last year. They later developed Torrentz2 as a tribute to the original Torrentz. The original Torrentz’s spirit is kept alive through Torrentz2 that can search over 60 torrent sites. This enables you to access preferred content within the shortest time possible.

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