10 Best Fashion Websites to Shop Online

Top 10 Fashion Websites for Shopping

The fashion industry is booming but a large number of so-called “top fashion websites” fail to provide shoppers with quality products, low prices, and valuable information. If you happen to be one such fashionista who has been terribly disappointed by online fashion shops in the past, it is time for you to find some new websites to shop.

Below I have listed the top ten fashion websites and these are certainly not going to disappoint you. Let’s take a closer look at the list.

  1. J Crew:

Regardless of whether you are looking for more basic outfits, or perhaps the one with a more fashion-forward appearance, the J Crew store is going to be a commendable option. While you can stick to the basic fabrics, you can still opt for the silhouettes but with a twist of modernism. One of the best things about J Crew is that almost all of the items are available in multiple colors and sizes. While being reasonably affordable, J Crew offers a myriad of everyday outfits as well as the ones that you can put on special occasions.

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2. Necessary Clothing:

If you happen to be a fashion enthusiast with a moderate budget, then Necessary Clothing is certainly going to be your best bet. Operating online as well as offline in New York, Necessary Clothing enables you to shop for the contemporary outfits without having to go beyond your budget. The kind of fashionable and trendy clothing that the aforementioned website offers is destined to give a unique flavor to your wardrobe. So if you are looking forward to a whole new look or an entirely new wardrobe, Necessary Clothing makes it convenient for you by blending the style and quality with affordability.

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3. Banana Republic:

If you are looking for stylish work clothing or chic basics, then choosing the Banana Republic is certainly not going to disappoint you. The joint ventures of the online store such as the Mad Men Collection have contributed towards its rapidly increasing popularity with a major collaboration with Milly further strengthening it. Be it petite, tall, or standard sized clothing that you are looking for, the Banana Republic certainly has something in store for you. With prices ranging somewhere between $40 and $250, it won’t be wrong to state that it’s not a particularly costly outlet to shop at.

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4. Fashion Dig:

The best thing about Fashion Dig is that it has the capacity to be your one-stop shop if you are interested in the fashion industry. If you are looking for a vintage clothing store, Fashion dig can help you out. If you are looking for an expert level fashion advice, Fashion Dig is going to be your disposal. And even if you are looking for a professional to recommend you a book on fashion in order to improve your insight, Fashion Dig is still going to serve the purpose. So the website is not only fun and informative, it is well-organized, helpful, and absolutely convenient to navigate.

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5. Anthropologie:

Retro-chic clothing with a highly refined flavor of feminism is what Anthropologie has in store for you. If you are a fan of Urban Outfitters, you may be excited to know that Anthropologie is a sophisticated sister store of the Urban outfitter. While it offers the same great extent of variety in terms of the products, the outfits that you’ll find at Anthropologie are going to offer a better grown-up feel to them. Not only do they sell a wide range of popular brands, but a limited edition collaboration is destined to let you find something that aligns itself to your taste and requirements.

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6. HandBag Shopping:

Handbag Shopping is a style-oriented fashion website that offers a wide range of categories including fashion, beauty, hair, style, life and entertainment to name a few. The website is absolutely user-friendly and it offers a separate fashion forum where you can discuss anything related to the fashion industry that you find interesting. There will be tons of other fashion enthusiasts on the forum so it’ll never get boring for you.

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7. Shop Bop:

Provided that you have decided to choose Shop Bop, you’d be able to find at least over 100 different designers including the likes of Jill Stuart, Zac Posen, and Raquel Allegra. But it doesn’t mean that all of the items at Shop Bop are going to be on the costlier side. The mediocre or more affordable brands such as BB Dakota or Free people are also available at the aforementioned store. The store offers the widest range of styles from a black tie to the most casual outfit that you could imagine. However, you can only find standard sizes in here.

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8. Indie Fixx:

As the name suggests, Indie Fixx is primarily focused on the indie style and design of the fashion industry. It has been clearly stated in the about section of the website that Indie Fixx aims at celebrating tenacity, creativity, and the spunky goodness that is commonly associated with the Indie style. You are going to be able to find a wide range of DIY styles that you can adopt in order to come up with your unique sense of style that is fresh and different than what the world is following.

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9. The Outnet:

Being an outlet site of Net A Porter, The Outnet certainly offers the same extent of wide variety in terms of its products. You can find the contemporary and established designers but at a price that is up to 75% reduced to make it more affordable for you. You can conveniently find a myriad of deals on pieces ranging from Mara Hoffman to Oscar de la Renta and much more. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t be able to find something that caters to your requirements in here.

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10. Mod Cloth:

If you are specifically interested in what the Indie designers have to offer, then you will be fascinated by a wide range of delightful vintage clothes that the aforementioned fashion website entails. What’s different is that the fashion website particularly focuses on high-quality photographs that enable you to have an exact idea of what you are buying. A multitude of products that it offers include tunics, rompers, skinny jeans, bloomers, tees, and even pleated skirts. In other words, it won’t be wrong to state that regardless of what you are looking for, the Mod Cloth is certainly going to have something in store for you. Something that doesn’t push you off the edge of your budget either.


In the light of the information mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that there is a number of fashion websites which provides you with the style advice, products, and updates of the fashion industry. Now that you are aware of the top ten of such websites, you are in a much better position to save your time and money and opt for the fashion websites that you can take for granted. Even if you stick to a couple of websites listed above, you will certainly stay up-to-date with what the fashion industry has to offer.

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