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Top 10 Electronics Retailer Websites in USA

As a proud American, I love to spend hours searching through the best electronic stores to find the cheapest price on whatever gadget I must own today. I feel it’s a duty of mine, I browse through each daily deal site and look at every single “Electronics Super Sale” e-mail I receive. This ensures I never make a “armature shopping mistake” of overpaying at checkout.

When I start shopping online you better believe i’m armed with coupons, promo codes, RSS deal feeds, discount blogger lists, and subscriptions to every discount & deals newsletter online. But most importantly I bring knowledge of sale prices, dedication to get the cheapest price, and a penny pinching Jew’s instinct to never overpay. This is why I’m the right sensie to guide you to becoming a shopping master, just like Mr. Miyagi guided the Karate Kid, I will guide you through my list of the greatest USA based Electronics Retailer Websites Online!

For more shopping tips on purchasing electronics via online retailers you can red the “electronics buying guide” put together by Consumer Reports. It offers advice on asking for a better deal, the truth about extended warranties, and how to have great shopping experience online.

NOTE: To be honest, the very lowest prices on electronics are usually found at an online electronics store based in China. However, for this article I’m pretending these discount gadget suppliers don’t exist. Stay tuned though, I will have a top 10 list for the cheapest electronics stores soon and it will feature mostly shops based in China. I mean supporting the United States is great but purchasing the latest electronic gadgets at the lowest price possible is also pretty amazing!

10 Best USA Based Electronics Stores Online

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  4. Parts
Newegg Electronics Store Online


E-commerce retailer and sellers platform selling every type of electronics with a focus on computer hardware

Newegg is an online retailer of computer hardware and consumer electronic’s, based out of California. Their website,, was founded in  2000 and has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of electronics on the internet.

There website is one of the most popular stores online to buy consumer electronics and their known for having some of the cheapest prices on computer hardware.  Whenever I go shopping for products like; graphics cards, solid state drives (SSDs), CPU’s, motherboards, or anything else computer related, I make sure to visit Newegg first. Even though they specialize in computer hardware they also sells other kinds of household electronics, gaming and networking solutions. The site also offers many other hardware solutions like home tools, and automobile parts.

The company sells across various countries and has different languages set for each one of them – this makes their site very accessible and easy to navigate. Their online store is one of the best reviewed in terms of products and customer service.  During the holidays your sure to find some of the best discounts, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

Visit Newegg

Frys USA Electronic eCommerce Store


Discount consumer electronics retailer with e-commerce site and brick and mortar stores across the USA

Fry’s electronics is an online retailer of electronic goods, household appliances, computer hardware, and more. Based out of California, the company also has a lot of stores across the country. Their electronics super stores are frequented by computer hobbyists and people looking to buy all types of cheap electronics.

The website offers a variety of products and a significant amount of inventory, but to get the best deals you must subscribe to their e-mail newsletter. Almost daily they offer promo codes to get huge discounts on the chosen products of the day. Many items won’t qualify for free shipping alone, but when you purchase over $35 bucks worth of stuff your entire order will ship free! However, there was a period when the company was criticized for its unorthodox business practices as well as bad costumer service. The website,just recently started offering the amazing deals that keeps everyone coming back.

Visit Frys

newark Electronics Shop Online



Online super store specializing in electronic parts and components

Newark, recently changed from MCM Electronics, is a major seller of electronic components and products like batteries, project boards, soldering devices, and more. is a one of a kind website where one could find almost everything they need to build a science or electronics project. The website also sells a lot of test equipment, technician aids, and connectors. One can also find various computer hardware on the website for their use. The website is very popular among students and people working in the electronics field to get parts and components of their devices.

One can also find a large selection of computer hardware and related parts. This is why their online store is so popular among college students and electronics field workers, they can purchase a wide range of electrical parts and components all at reasonable prices.

Visit Newark 

Shop Audio Electronics at Parts Express

4. Parts

Online retailer and manufacturer specializing in audio equipment for the frugal audiophile

Parts Express is mainly focused on selling audio equipment, audio accessories, and some related electronic parts. The company offers a wide range of speakers and amps for use in the home, car stereo, or by musicians. They also offer a smaller selection of home electronics, TV, and cable accessories, as well as cell phone accessories.

The website also sells a lot of open box products in lower prices, which are very popular among its users. Apart from that, it also has a deal page called ‘the dollar bin’ where one can buy accessories worth under a dollar. The company also offers wholesale services, and provides same day shipping for its customers. If your interested in audiophile grade equipment at bargain basement prices make sure to look into the brand ‘Dayton Audio’, this is Parts Express’s own line of speakers and audio equipment.

Over the years I have purchase a good amount of Dayton Audio products and there always prices reasonably yet still pack amazing sound quality.

Visit Parts Express


Internet based discount supplier of electronics and electrical components

Monoprice is an online electronic retailer organization based out of California. The company sells branded consumer goods along with many generic consumer goods under its own private label.

Founded in 2002, the company now has over 150 employees and has made a mark in the industry. The website sells home electronic appliances, computer hardware, home networking solutions, as well as various musical instruments. The online store also offers many deals throughout the year and thus, may have cheaper products as compared to other competitors.

Visit Monoprice


Visit Tiger DirectOnline electronics e-commerce store specializing in laptops and computer accessories

Tigerdirect is a company that sells electronics, computer, and computer hardware to mainly business organizations. The company previously had a few retail stores across the country as well but decided to shut them down to focus more on its online business.

The online store focuses on mainly business-to-business sale. However, the revamped version of the site even intends to sell to a new consumer base. The website offers a lot of deals and discount especially on computers and related hardware, and thus, could offer a good price for high-end products.


Visit BestbuyThe largest brick and mortar retailer of consumer electronics with a e-commerce website growing in popularity.

Launched as an audio music store in 1966, BestBuy started selling consumer electronic goods in 1983. BestBuy has over 600 stores and sells all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The website sells mostly electronic consumer goods along with related products like video games, music,and software.

The company also offers to install, and repair the products it sells as well as sells warranty and additional service plans on its products. The best feature of BestBuy are its weekly deals, where one might get a lot of discounts on a variety of products. The deals change every week and offer something for everyone.

You can get some pretty cool discounts too, time to time – be sure to check out their offers page.


Consumer electronics retailer where you can order through their mail-order catalog or internet store

Originally started as a car stereo selling company and then limiting oneself to audio systems, Crutchfield is now an electronic retailer with a wide range of products. The company’s slogan reads Seriously into Audio since 1974. The company specializes in selling mobile audio and video devices for automobiles along with other electronics. Their website was the first vendor authorized audio and video retailer on the Internet.

It not only offers a variety of products but also provides a set of guides for you to choose the right product for yourself. The website has free shipping for all its products and promises to deliver them in 3 days or less. The company has also been lauded for its great customer service and thus, has a lot of loyal customers. It not only offers a variety of products but also provides a set of guides for you to choose the right product for yourself. The website has free shipping for all its products and promises to deliver them in 3 days or less. The company has also been lauded for its great customer service and thus, has a lot of loyal customers.


Visit SONYLarge Manufacturer of consumer electronics with an informational website

The multinational brand ventures into electronics business long ago. The corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with a special division dedicated to its electronic products and online website. The Sony Website has all of the brand’s electronic products featured, including PlayStation as well as its software and Android apps.

However, one cannot buy anything from the site. The website only lists that price of the product and where one can buy them from. Moreover, they provide with you a list of online sites along with the prices and deals they offer for you to make an informed decision.


Visit ABT Internet based consumer goods dealer that has earned numerous awards and accolades

The independent online retailer giant based in Illinois is a well-functioning family owned business dating back to 1936. The online store not only offers electronic goods, but also various kinds of home appliances, exercise machines, and furniture on its site. You could get just about anything that you need for your home.

The independent retailer offers a variety of discounts, especially on home appliances. The website offers free shipping on almost all orders, no sales tax, as well as free tech support. The company has been awarded for its customer service a lot of times, and provides a great consumer experience.


I hope this “top websites” list helps you find your favorite electronics store online. However, there are so many different retailers online its very probable that one of your favorite shops didn’t make my above list, and that’s why I included an additional list below. I don’t want to say “every electronics retailer is listed below but its very possible. I just want to make sure my readers have access to a comprehensive list. If you think one of the stores listed below should be in the top 10 let me know in the comments and just maybe it will make it on the list next time I update it.

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